Leading the field of hair care in Israel for more than 20 years

Hair Clinic was established in 1996 by Andre Benitah. The company aims to assist individuals with a diversity of hair issues. In 2010 Karine Albachari joined the company. Karine is a qualified trichologist (hair and scalp expert). She is the clinic’s professional leader, managing our trichology department. Karin, with international qualifications in the field, currently serves as a member of the IAT Board. Our company is a leader in the field of advanced hair treatment in Israel, with thousands of success stories and satisfied customers who restored their hair’s health.

Hair Clinic is a senior player in the International Association of Trichology (IAT) and maintains ongoing work relations with that organization. Treatments at Hair Clinic employ the most up to date technologies worldwide. Our staff is all top-level practitioners who confidently focus on the same goal: restoring your hair’s health. Hair Clinic also develops designated care treatments which successfully undergo the most rigid clinical trials and are certified by the Ministry of Health.

תמונת צוות

Hair Clinic's staff


Andre Benitah

Founder, Owner and CEO


Karine Albachari

Chief trichologist and directorate member of the IAT.

Beki Gerbi

Customer Service Manager

אדוה צוברי

Adva Tzubery

Office Manager

אינה קברדין

Inna Cabradin

Branches Control Manager


Mauricio Galperin

Director of Operations

David Ben Ezra

Maintenance Manager

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